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Look at the Ratings for Brand Perception

Brand Index is a site that tracks public perception of thousands of brands across the world each every day. If you ever wondered what causes ratings to rise and fall, and how brands recover, this site is for you. Click here to view. […]

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Do You Know What Happens To The Listenership of Your Ad When Commercials Come On?

In an alarming but somewhat expected study about what happens to the listenership of your commercial in a commercial break, you can see for yourself¬†when you click here to read the article. With a loss of audience around 15% in some cases, you should be paying 15% less if the audience is 15% less. Hold […]

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Don’t Let Ratings Deceive You

You’ve heard the phrase “Beauty’s only skin deep.” You have to peer behind the “veil” of beauty to see what you really have. The same applies to radio ratings. Let’s assume that the metro area you live in is comprised of 8 counties. 8 counties will make up the rating points that are being quoted […]

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