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Who Is Listening to What Podcast – Latest Ratings

As the media pie continues to splinter with more consumer choices available than ever before, from audio to video to gaming to social media, Podcast Journal reports that Triton Digital releases its first ever U.S. Podcast Report rankings to show who is listening to what. It’s interesting to note that iHeart Radio does not show up […]

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Pandora for Podcasters Lets Creators Submit Their Shows

If you are looking for a quick way to educate your customers with minimum hassle, and to be heard on a large platform, Pandora now allows creators to submit their own shows. As first reported by RAINNEWS, Pandora has launched a new self-service dashboard for podcast creators to submit their shows to its platform. The […]

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Nashville Now Ranks #8 for Podcasting Audience

According to the ratings firm Nielsen, Nashville,TN is the number 8 market for podcast listening. Nielsen Audio’s Portable People Meter measurement service collected data in the 48 largest radio markets. Read more here. […]

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