Does Your Advertising Pass The BROCA Test?

Most of the money wasted in advertising is not due to the media itself but rather due to poor creative. This means that the message that your potential customer or client receives is predictable and states the same old drab message that prospects have heard 1000 times before, so it goes in one ear and out the other. If your message cannot pass the BROCA filter, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Visit our media samples page to see or hear media elements that have been highly successful as direct-response, call-to-action motivators.

Broca’s area is the area of the brain responsible for speech production, language processing, and language comprehension, as well as controlling facial neurons. First discovered in 1861, Broca’s area was named after Pierre Paul Broca. Broca discovered the area after studying the brain of a patient with a speech impairment after his death. Broca’s area is connected to the Wernick’s area of the brain by the arcuate fasciculus, which is a pathway made of neurons. It is found in the frontal lobe of the cortex, within the inferior frontal gyrus. It is comprised of two primary parts: the Pars triangularis and the Pars opercularis.

Click here to see where BROCA resides in the human brain.

The key point here is “language processing” and “language comprehension.” If your message is filtered out by BROCA, your money is wasted.

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