FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What does it cost to advertise on radio/internet audio or television/video sites?

Answer: It depends upon the market. Generally, the larger the market in terms of the population, the more expensive the rates. There is also a service called SQAD http://www.sqad.com that tracks spot rates in most every market. In some cases, demand may be so high on a particular media outlet that if you want that media’s audience, the cost will be a higher cost per thousand than what you might otherwise pay for similar media elsewhere. The best deals are made at the time of order placement when reps are hungriest to do a deal.

Question: What does it cost to produce a radio or audio ad?

Answer: Radio/internet audio stations usually produce ads for free if you give them the copy to read. They will even create the copy and record the spot for you to get you to advertise. But there are no shortcuts into developing successful direct-response advertising. And due to the tremendous cut-backs in personnel in corporate America over the last few years, often times only one or two people are writing and creating all of the production as well as using the same voice that is on many other advertiser’s commercials. We always recommend using creative professionals who have the experience to create ads that work. Using a professional writer and producer, we see ads produced for as little as $500.

Question: What does it cost to produce a TV ad?

Answer: There are 3 kinds of TV commercials — a national look, a regional look, and a mom & pop “just over broke” look. It really depends upon what image you are trying to portray about your business…as little as $500 on the local level or for a regional or super high-quality national look, anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 or more. Always seek a professional before attempting to produce TV ads. Most money in advertising is wasted on poor production of commercials that fail to connect with prospects.

Question: Why do some commercials work and others don’t?

Answer: Take a look at this page.

Question: What about Pandora Radio?

Answer: Pandora is only the beginning of mobile streaming that is commanding very high audiences. As more and more media goes mobile, listening and viewing levels will continue to increase. In many markets, Pandora beats a number of traditional radio stations in audience listening levels. The ratings data comes from Triton and is MRC-accredited, the same accreditation given to Nielsen TV ratings and to Nielsen audio ratings, so we know that the data is valid.


The ultimate total cost of advertising is really based on what your sales goals are, what you are trying to achieve. Just like you would fill your gas tank in your car to go as far as you can on a planned route, total advertising costs work much the same way. Be sure to read our Blog page and navigate our site to get more in-depth answers on how to be successful, or call us for a no-obligation analysis: (615) 646-9636.