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Total Content Ratings (TCR) Begin to Release

Total Content Ratings (TCR) from Nielsen have the power to let us take a deep dive into all of the platforms where someone watches content. CBS Television is the first to release numbers that show a dramatic increase in viewership. Click here for the good news. […]

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Facebook Admits to More Faulty Audience Measurement Metrics

Facebook woes continue for reporting measurement statistics. If you are paying, you may want a refund or make-goods. Details here. […]

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Build It and They Will Come – TV Ratings Soar

I’ve been saying for a long time, as have a lot of people, that consumers want good content in media. They want to feel that they have invested their time as opposed to wasting their time. Media choices continue to proliferate, and some say the fragmentation makes each individual media outlet less effective or less […]

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