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Spotify Becoming a Major Player in Reaching Ad-Supported Targeted Audience

RAIN News reports that “Over 100 new segments are being brought to the U.S. advertising market, many of them sharpened by Spotify’s first-party data collection of listener behavior…” This means that we can target more than just age, income, sex, and geographic areas for more precise ad results and less waste in spending to reach […]

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Catching Another Case of Media Vendor Unfairness

This can happen in any market (and does): “jam and cram” scheduling of commercials. Because we ask for all of our clients’ commercial spot times in advance of airing in all markets, we can catch these careless or “unintentional” blunders before they bill and get the spots more evenly spaced or moved. If the program […]

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Big News! Internet Radio Has New Ratings Service MRC-Accredited

Terrestrial radio has a newly official ratings competitor on the local level: Internet radio. We’ve been waiting for it, and now it’s here! Details for a newly MRC-accredited new ratings service detailed in RAIN NEWS: http://rainnews.com/triton-digitals-local-webcast-ratings-receive-media-rating-council-accreditation/ […]

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