Traditional Advertising

Traditional Advertising

What Is Traditional Advertising?

Broadcast Television (affiliates like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Telemundo, My TV), Cable TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazines, Direct Mail, Out-of-Home (Billboards), Transit (Bus Advertising), Airport Advertising.

Is Traditional Still Relevant in the Digital Age?

Yes, because no one media dominates all of the customers/prospects. Think of it like this: In the 1960s, if you wanted television, there were only 3 networks to choose from. When cable television became mainstream, many said with so many choices, broadcast TV would die out. Today, broadcast TV is still here; it’s just now there are more choices for video content. Similarly when TV was invented and became mass media in the 1950s, many said radio would die. Today, radio is still here.

There are more ways to carve up the media pie today than ever before. You need an advertising agency that can cut through the clutter and who knows who, what, when, where, and how to reach your preferred customer.

How Do You Make Traditional Advertising Work?

Use the KISS It formula. KISS means Keep It Super Simple. The more “dumb-downed” the message is, the greater the likelihood of connecting and motivating the consumer to buy.

But first, you have to pass the Broca test.

Beware of advertising agencies who want to win creative awards with your media to impress their colleagues instead of designing Broca-tested media that can win customers for you.

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