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Twitter Jumps In and Offers Advertiser Guarantees on Delivery

More and more, advertisers want proof that they money that they spend is actually being delivered and viewed. Twitter now offers advertiser guarantees like television, a good move for buyers of media.

Twitter has been working closely with Dentsu Aegis Network to develop its first guaranteed ad product, which lets brands order a set amount of pre-roll video ads with certainty that they get seen by a target group of consumers.

Details here.

Evolutionary Ratings Measurement On the Way

This could be a major breakthrough for the ability of media buyers to get access to rich media ratings and data to enable even better negotations and selection of media for their clients. From the July 22, 2016 edition of Tom Taylor Now: “Groundbreaking new audio measurement solution” from Shazam doesn’t require encoding. iHeart’s supporting… Continue Reading

What is Terrestrial Radio Afraid Of?

According to RAIN NEWS, Nielsen Audio (who recently bought the Arbitron Ratings Company) has already developed the app to deliver streaming radio ratings. “Broadcasters as a group might not be eager to widen the competitve field by introducing integrated metrics that allow ad buyers to agnostically build campaigns on both sides of the fence.” So,… Continue Reading

Are You Getting Snookered on Advertising Rates with “Political” Rhetoric?

Is the media you’re buying playing “political rate games” with you by saying your rate is too low because the rate would “violate the lowest unit rate rule for qualified political candidates?” While your offered rate may be too low in some cases, in other cases your rate would NOT place the station in jeopardy… Continue Reading

Catching Another Case of Media Vendor Unfairness

This can happen in any market (and does): “jam and cram” scheduling of commercials. Because we ask for all of our clients’ commercial spot times in advance of airing in all markets, we can catch these careless or “unintentional” blunders before they bill and get the spots more evenly spaced or moved. If the program… Continue Reading

Don’t Miss TV Rating Points Owed You By Not Removing the Skew

Nielsen Ratings has released 2014 Winter Olympic Exclusion Data that takes the market survey and removes all of the Olympic programming from all stations where the Olympics were shown. Where there was Olympics programming, the time slots will be blank and reported as 0 ratings/imps. This data should be used to Post (comparing the rating points… Continue Reading

How to Know if a Make-Good Media Offer is Fair to You

How to Know if a Make-Good Media Offer is Fair to You

When commercials are ordered to run across across varied platforms like TV, Radio, Cable, Online Audio or Video, invariably some commercials will not run as originally ordered. This can happen due to a variety of issues including technical glitches, or even more likely, your commercial being “bumped out (pre-empted)” for an advertiser who is willing… Continue Reading

How to Know If You Are Over-Paying (and By How Much) for Your Television Advertising

How to Know If You Are Over-Paying (and By How Much) for Your Television Advertising

Learn in about 2 minutes how much you may be over-paying when you buy television advertising. If you do not have the answers to these questions, you are over-paying. Watch here. Press the play button (little triangle by the time line) to start the video. Continue Reading

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