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Is PANDORA Beginning to Slip to the Competition?

AdAge reports Pandora had 81.1 million users at the end of 2015, a decline of 400,000 from the year before. On-demand streaming services Spotify and Apple Music both added millions of customers over that span.” Is PANDORA beginning to have some serious retention problems in light of new competition? Details here. Continue Reading

Spotify Becoming a Major Player in Reaching Ad-Supported Targeted Audience

RAIN News reports that “Over 100 new segments are being brought to the U.S. advertising market, many of them sharpened by Spotify’s first-party data collection of listener behavior…” This means that we can target more than just age, income, sex, and geographic areas for more precise ad results and less waste in spending to reach… Continue Reading

Color Meaning and Symbolism: How To Use The Power of Color in Your Branding

From See how important the choice of color is in your branding and advertising. “A brand’s logo and visual identity will comprise a number of visual cues, such as shapes, symbols, number, and words. But the number one visual component that people remember most is color…” Details here. Continue Reading

Nielsen Research for Facebook Shows It Now Edges TV in Reaching Millennials, Hispanics

Advertising Age Magazine says the “wide-ranging study using Nielsen’s Homescan panel of consumers and audience-measurement tools shows buying Facebook alone now reaches more of each group than running ads on the 10 most watched TV networks combined…” Details here. Continue Reading

AdAge says Yahoo to Let Brands Fact-Check Its Viewability, Fraud Numbers

Ad Age magazine reports: “The move to third-party verification brings more transparency to the issues of ad viewability and ad fraud. By addressing advertisers’ concerns over whether real people — as opposed to non-human bots created to mimic a site visit in order to juice traffic stats and ad revenue — are actually seeing their… Continue Reading

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