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Build It and They Will Come – TV Ratings Soar

I’ve been saying for a long time, as have a lot of people, that consumers want good content in media. They want to feel that they have invested their time as opposed to wasting their time. Media choices continue to proliferate, and some say the fragmentation makes each individual media outlet less effective or less important, but superior content proves otherwise. The latest example is day one of the NBA Finals. Ad Age Magazine has the details. Click here to read the article.

NBA Finals Deliver Record Ratings for ABC. Cavs-Warriors Opener Draws 19.2 Million Viewers…making it the most-watched, highest-rated NBA Finals opener since ABC began broadcasting the championship series back in 2003.

Is TV Going the Way of Radio? Record Subscriber Losses.

Ad Age Magazine says, “Cord-Cutting Ramps Up as Pay TV Sees Record Subscriber Losses. Services Lose 625,000 in Subscribers During Biggest-Ever Quarterly Drop.” This is another sign of the times as people go Internet and mobile to get the content they want the way they want it. Details here. Continue Reading

Don’t Miss TV Rating Points Owed You By Not Removing the Skew

Nielsen Ratings has released 2014 Winter Olympic Exclusion Data that takes the market survey and removes all of the Olympic programming from all stations where the Olympics were shown. Where there was Olympics programming, the time slots will be blank and reported as 0 ratings/imps. This data should be used to Post (comparing the rating points… Continue Reading