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Are Media Buying Firms Stealing from Their Clients?

Undisclosed Kickbacks and Rebates: Do you really know if your advertising agency or agent is participating in or taking any undisclosed, hidden, “secret deal” kickbacks, rebates, or merchandise from any media vendor or supplier as inducement to buy media schedules for your company? One example of unethical behavior is offering a media buying firm lavish… Continue Reading

AdAge says Yahoo to Let Brands Fact-Check Its Viewability, Fraud Numbers

Ad Age magazine reports: “The move to third-party verification brings more transparency to the issues of ad viewability and ad fraud. By addressing advertisers’ concerns over whether real people — as opposed to non-human bots created to mimic a site visit in order to juice traffic stats and ad revenue — are actually seeing their… Continue Reading

FTC: No, Agencies Can’t Ask Staffers to Casually Tweet Nice Things About Clients

From AdWeek Magazine, a cautionary tale about disclosure in social media: “As brands push their messages through social media platforms like Twitter, the Federal Trade Commission is reminding marketers they need to disclose any bias on their promotional materials—even if they only have 140 characters to do so. Last week, the FTC and Deutsch L.A. reached a… Continue Reading

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