The 4 C’s That Can Propel Your Business

The 4 C’s That Can Propel Your Business

Whether or not you buy media advertising, if you are a business owner or manager of people, here is one of the smartest short talks I have ever heard on how to grow your team. If you are like I am which is a Type A driver, get it done to the 100% completion and with perfection, you can get people to do things, but over time, there will be a lot of misused and abused people unless you ask the 4 C’s in your one-on-one meetings with your employees or subcontractors:

1. Clarity: What do you NOT know, that if you DID know, you would do better in what you do?
2. Coaching: What can I do to serve you and your team?
3. Confrontation (inevitably there will be some): Is there anything I have NOT said that would make this better?
4. Care: How is your heart? (you will always get a quick response, so ask again this way:) “No, really, how IS your heart?”

-JD Ost

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