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Facebook Is Becoming the Next Television Screen

Soon you will be able to buy TV commercials in LIVE feeds on Facebook! Ad Age Magazine reports the details here. The ads are eligible to appear five minutes into a broadcast, and they last up to 15 seconds or shorter, according to one agency executive, who has discussed the ads with Facebook. Continue Reading

Build It and They Will Come – TV Ratings Soar

I’ve been saying for a long time, as have a lot of people, that consumers want good content in media. They want to feel that they have invested their time as opposed to wasting their time. Media choices continue to proliferate, and some say the fragmentation makes each individual media outlet less effective or less… Continue Reading

Nielsen Research for Facebook Shows It Now Edges TV in Reaching Millennials, Hispanics

Advertising Age Magazine says the “wide-ranging study using Nielsen’s Homescan panel of consumers and audience-measurement tools shows buying Facebook alone now reaches more of each group than running ads on the 10 most watched TV networks combined…” Details here. Continue Reading

Is TV Going the Way of Radio? Record Subscriber Losses.

Ad Age Magazine says, “Cord-Cutting Ramps Up as Pay TV Sees Record Subscriber Losses.¬†Services Lose 625,000 in Subscribers During Biggest-Ever Quarterly Drop.” This is another sign of the times as people go Internet and mobile to get the content they want the way they want it. Details here. Continue Reading

Are You Getting Snookered on Advertising Rates with “Political” Rhetoric?

Is the media you’re buying playing “political rate games” with you by saying your rate is too low because the rate would “violate the lowest unit rate rule for qualified political candidates?” While your offered rate may be too low in some cases, in other cases your rate would NOT place the station in jeopardy… Continue Reading

Catching Another Case of Media Vendor Unfairness

This can happen in any market (and does): “jam and cram” scheduling of commercials. Because we ask for all of our clients’ commercial spot times in advance of airing in all markets, we can catch these careless or “unintentional” blunders before they bill and get the spots more evenly spaced or moved. If the program… Continue Reading